Bonus 96 | 2-Hour Big Batch of Essays & Letters written by Harris (Personal, Science Fiction, Suspenseful, Silly, & Soul-bearing)

I took 5 Bonus Episodes about my essays and letters, normalized their volumes, and pasted them together.  All of these were written when I was 17 or 18 years old, so don’t expect Hans Christian Andersen, lol.

Start times and descriptions so you can jump to a specific essay or letter section:

  • Start: 0h:0m:0s – “It’s A Long Story”:  A personal essay I wrote about why I don’t drink alcohol, with a twist. I wrote it as a strange court case that takes place inside my brain.  The main characters are Judge Ego, Prosecuting Attorney Id, and Defense Attorney Super Ego.  The case is about whether or not I should drink a beer.
  • Start: 0h:20m:05s – “Chemical XX-88”: A science fiction story I wrote about an underwater, human-like species that are being threatened by something happening in the above-water human world.  The underwater species sends someone to the surface to investigate.  I will post the related image on the Silk+ Message board.
  • Start: 0h:46m:02s – “The Old Lighthouse”: A mild horror/suspense story I wrote about some teenagers sleeping overnight in an old lighthouse.  It is meant to be a little scary, but there are not any graphic or violent descriptions.
  • Start: 0h:58m:36s – “Confessions of a Packrat”: A silly essay I wrote to make fun of myself for being a packrat.
  • Start: 1h:07m:58s – “Letters from College”: Letters I wrote to my family and friends during my first year of college.  You will hear about some fun times, some curious incidents, my study life, and my work life.

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