Sleep Whispers is a podcast of whispered readings and ramblings for relaxation and sleeping.

Enjoy a calming moment with soothing meditations, interesting stories, tranquil poems, educational Wikipedia articles, and listener feedback.

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Published Podcast Review 

“This podcast, hosted by ‘Whispering Harris’ is so effective it takes me six attempts to review it.

His podcasts include stories, trivia, chat and readings of Wikipedia pages. The soft sibilance of his words seem to tickle and stroke the inside of my head. It’s a physical sensation, as well as emotional — he’s chatting yet shhh-ing you to sleep. I realise it’s triggering ASMR.

Very quickly, his whisper felt hypnotic, and helped me to conk out at night, overriding any internal chatter. When I rose at 4.30am to let the cat out, which usually leaves me wide awake till six, Harris gently soothed me back to sleep.”   

– Anna Maxted, podcast reviewer for DailyMail.com


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  • 30 Background Sounds episodes (1-Hour and 8-Hour versions): floor fan, ceiling fan, small fan, white noise, brown noise, industrial hum and white noise, industrial air conditioner, dehumidifier, blow dryer, electromagnetic pulses, voices outside a factory, construction site, jets over a beach, cars on a brick road, and clanky train ride.
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I hope you find something here that brings you more relaxation and better sleep, Harris : )

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19 thoughts on “Welcome


    After listening to your most recent episode (#83) how you like to do something with keyboard sounds.
    Maybe you can play text based adventure like “Zork” that way you can read the story and have typing sounds.

    Keep it up.

    Thank you


    • Kyle,

      Thanks for the great suggestion. I tried Zork on my iPad but it did not work properly although it did work properly on my laptop. Unfortunately I never bring my laptop near my microphones due to fan noises and hard-drive whirling noise. I like this idea so I will be on the alert for text based games that will work with my iPad.

      Your request did inspire me to create an episode with keyboard sounds, I created it as a bonus episode for the Sleep Whispers Bonus Podcast. I tried a mechanical keyboard first but it was too noisy, so I switched to a chiclet keyboard.

      Thanks again for the suggestion!

      Harris : )

    • Hello Michael,

      Great suggestion. I just need to find a copyright-free affirmation script to read. If you locate one or might be interested in writing one then please do send it my way!

      Harris : )

    • Hello Mike,

      Glad you like the podcast. I don’t have a bio posted anywhere, sorry. I am in the U.S. and can’t remember if I ever let it slip what general region I am in. Probably. Well, I did mention sledding recently, so that narrows it down to about 40 states…or less.

      Harris : )

  2. Really enjoy your podcast. I stumbled upon your podcast before I knew asmr was a thing. Since, I’ve tried listening to different artists now and again. There are some talented artists but I inevitably revert back to you. Please take care of that voice of yours and never stop producing content! I think it’s a true talent to be able to take a quote that is only one line, and talk about it for over 30 minutes. No critism, but I will say your best content is when you are truly excited about the topic. Even through whispers I can hear your interest level and all of my favorite episodes are when you are clearly excited to share with the audience. Keep it up!

    • Curt,

      Glad you don’t mind me sharing my excitement about things. I sort of should hide my excitement because I’m trying to lull you to sleep, not share my excitement about something. Oh well, I stink at hiding it so that is great to know you enjoy it.

      Harris : )

  3. I have just discovered your “Whispers and I love them. Thank you so much. Such a great idea and so well done. Either I sleep or at least relax and get diverted from endless planning, reviewing worrying which make for horrible restless nights. Wasn’t so keen on trivia because the answering kept me too alert but I’ve liked everything else. Thanks again. please keep whispering! I’m spreading the word to my sleepless friends. Best swishes Debbie

  4. Hey I love your podcast and was wondering if you going to make more podcasts on sleep whispers your the best podcast in asmr and I listen to it every night ps we need more asmr on a weekly basis

    • Hi Harris I love your podcast and I listen to it every night and your a inspiration and your podcasts help me sleep when I have trouble sleeping or going to bed I listen to sleep whispers cause sleep whispers is my go to place and is number 1

  5. Thank you so very much Harris! I have had trouble falling asleep in the past because of a tragedy that I experienced and my brain wanting to relive it and think about it at bedtime. Your podcast gives me something to concentrate on that is relaxing and mildly interesting, a perfect brain hack! I feel safe, knowing there will be no surprises, no commercials. You are much appreciated!

  6. Hi Harris

    I’m a long time insominiac and I, by chance, stumbled across your whispered ramblings a couple of months ago. Being Britsh gushing is not natural to me but they have, simply, changed my life. Going to bed and to sleep is now a pleasure and I recommend it to everyone often! I just wish i could stay awake long enough to hear all about dwarfs and roller coasters 😀So here in Scotland you have a dedicated listener – thank you.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This podcast has changed my whole attitude about bedtime. I used to dread trying to go to sleep as my mind wouldn’t rest but now I look forward to getting into bed and catching up with your ramblings. You have an very grateful listener here in Ireland! The quiet and calm you project is amazing!

  8. Thank you Sleep Whispers. I love it. I couldn’t sleep these days, but Sleep Whispers made it easier. Thanks again.
    Keep it up.

  9. Just now finding your podcast. It’s really great so far. I was just wondering if you would eat honeycomb, open up an aloe plant, or maybe talk about math or Broadway stuff. I’d be really interested in those sort of things. You’re doing awesome though, I love your podcast so far.

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