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Welcome to the Sleepy Squirrel Gift Shop.

Browse these cozy gifts as a treat for yourself…or…as a birthday gift, holiday gift, or special gift for someone else.


***Squirrel-sedating gifts – with special discounts wrangled by Harris***

<<Use my code at check-out to get a special discount and your discounted purchases will help to support the podcast via commissions.   Win-Win for all!>>

Pillow-perfect headphones
<<$10 off with code SILK>>


Total darkness sleep masks
<<10% off with  code WHISPERS>>


Cool wool comforters, toppers, pillows, sleep masks, and aromatherapy.
<<5% off with code WHISPERS>>


Deep relaxation massage chairs
<<10% off select brands with code WHISPERS>>


***Gifts for the Sleep Whispers Superlover and the Pesky Squirrel Superhater***

Sleep Whispers T-shirts
Choose from lots of logos and colors.


Access to 250+ episodes of Sleep Whispers
Includes Bonus Podcast & Videos.
Get as a gift: Gift Request


Access to 8-Hour Nature/Background Sounds
Birds, rivers, ocean surf, white noise, fans, more.


Learn to whisper and to create other ASMR triggers so you can soothe and relax your infant, children, partner, and friends
Written by Craig “Harris” Richard
(the squirrel whisperer, lol)


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