Enjoy photos submitted by listeners, and some photos shared by me.

Feel free to share peaceful photos, interesting photos, or photos relevant to a podcast episode.

As long as you took the photo yourself or own the rights to the photo then I can post it here.  Just send it in an email to and I will add it to this page.  And feel free to use the Comment area below to share your thoughts about the posted photos.


4 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Wow, that looks like a nice and peaceful garden! Like a little tranquil patch of forest. Sadly here in the Netherlands we have very small gardens due to high population density.
    So it is rarely seen, a forest garden here!

    • Pep, I appreciate your comments so very much! Yesterday, I found the “Before” photo of the same garden — bare dirt and debris — wounded earth. It has been heartwarming to be help create the change. I planted…. and failed ……on three earlier occasions. Let me assure you that the garden is quite small. The background that you are seeing is part of the City’s greenway, and perhaps that has misled you into thinking that the garden is much larger than it is. My garden stops just beyond the red chairs. Yet, thank you for pointing out how the greenway and the garden come together to compliment each other! That gives me new insights! Again, thank you very much! CMH

      • Your garden would make for one hell of a jigsaw puzzle! Puzzle level: Expert Pro +. Now that I study the picture a little closer I can indeed see the buildings and such in the background.
        If you mind me asking, what exactly is a Greenway? I study Infrastructure but I never heard of such a way.
        I am assuming it’s not actually a road but some sort of green strip or park going through a part of the city? Or some kind of hiking/biking path through nature?

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