T Shirts and more

You can support the podcast by purchasing a Sleep Whispers T Shirt (or other stuff).

Or check HERE to see if I am currently having a Sleep Whispers T Shirt Giveaway!

Either way, you get to choose the logo on the shirt and the color of the shirt : )

Drew Ackerman (AKA, “Scooter”), host of the Sleep With Me podcast, sporting his Sleep Whispers T-Shirt.

Feedback from some listeners who received the “Classic T Shirt” style: 

Christopher, “Got my T-shirt and its lovely! Soft, comfy, awesome colour and I am excited to sleep in it while listening to ‘Sleep Whispers’”.  Follow-up email, “T shirt is my fav sleeping shirt now!”

Joanne, “My t-shirt arrived today. It’s very nice!  Just a note on the sizing – the t-shirt fits me fine but I would say that it is not really a medium. It’s more of a small to medium size”

Sylvain, “The size is perfect and the shirt is really comfortable, I love it.”


Click below to browse all the t shirts, colors, and items for sale, all purchases help to support the Sleep Whispers podcast: