Bonus 76: 2-Hour Big Batch of Trivia Times (#3)

Enjoy 2 hours of 120 Trivia Questions!

I took four prior Trivia Time episodes, extracted their opening music, removed the introductions,  deleted any ads/commercials/promos, normalized their volumes, and pasted them together.

Now you can fall asleep to 2 hours of non-stop Trivia Questions.

Start times so you can jump to a specific section:

  • Start: 0h:0m:0s – 202 Trivia Time
  • Start: 0h:32m:30s – 208 Trivia Time
  • Start: 1h:06m:56s – 215 Trivia Time
  • Start: 1h:37m:15s – 221 Trivia Time

Bonus 74: Bible Stories – Genesis 2 (Abraham, Sodom, Lot, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Esau)

Enjoy this story-like version of the second part of the Book of Genesis from The Old Testament.

This episode includes: Abraham being instructed to sacrifice his son Isaac, destruction of the city of Sodom, Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt, Jacob stealing his brother Esau’s birthright, and more.

Bonus 71: 2-Hour Big Batch of Story Times (H C Andersen #1)

Enjoy almost 2 hours of Story Time episodes (H C Andersen #1).

I took five prior Stories by Hans Christian Andersen, removed their introductions,  deleted any ads, normalized their volumes, and pasted them together.

So each section begins immediately with the reading of a Story to give you a 100% pure and extended Story Time experience.

Start times so you can jump to a specific story:

  • Start: 0h:0m:0s – 168 Story Time – Tinderbox
  • Start: 0h:26m:28s – 175 Story Time – Little Ida’s Flowers
  • Start: 0h:51m:00s – 181 Story Time – Flying Trunk
  • Start: 1h:10m:24s – 195 Story Time – Fir Tree
  • Start: 1h:30m:25s – 201 Story Time – Hill of Elves