Is there a Giveaway right now?

Yes, you may enter between now and  Nov 27, 2020.

The Giveaway is open for about 6 weeks total and there will be one winner.

What is the prize?

You can choose your prize from these options:

Option #1: A Sleep Whispers T-Shirt  
See all the T-Shirt options here:
See prior T-Shirt winners here:

Option #2: Free access to 80+ episodes of Nature/Background Sounds.
These podcast episodes are 1 hour and 8 hours long – great for sleeping.
See them here:

Option #3: The Newest Wireless SleepPhones ($100 value).
Bed-friendly and cord-free Bluetooth headphones with a better battery.
Limitation: This prize can only be shipped to someone in the U.S.
See them here:

How do I enter the Giveaway?

Anyone who becomes a new podcast supporter on the Sleep Whispers Patreon site between now and Nov 27, 2020 will be automatically entered into the Giveaway.

Visit the Sleep Whispers Patreon site:

What are the odds of winning?

This is unknown, but it can be ‘guesstimated’.

There are about 20 new podcast supporters every six weeks.

So, if there will be a similar number of new podcast supporters during this six week Giveaway period, then your odds would be about 1 in 20.

How will the winner be notified?

The first name of the winner will be announced on the next Chat episode (release date should be Nov 29, 2020), but more importantly, the winner will be notified by email.

The email notifying you that you won will be the email address you gave to Patreon, so make sure to check that email for the good news (which will probably be between Nov 27-28, 2020).

Here is what your email will look like:

Congratulations! You won the Giveaway of your choice!

Explore the choices here to help you decide which one you want:

1) A Sleep Whispers T-Shirt:

2) Nature/Background Sounds:

3) Wireless SleepPhones:

If you want the Wireless SleepPhones, then just reply to let me know and I will connect you via email with a SleepPhones representative who will ship you your new SleepPhones for free (U.S. Shipping only).

If you want the Nature/Background Sounds, then just reply to let me know  and I will send you an access code so you can get them all FREE : )

If you want the T Shirt, then go to this link:

  • Select the logo you want on the shirt
  • Select “Classic T Shirt”
  • Select any color, any size, and male or female style.
  • Write all that info down.
For me to order your shirt I will then need you to send me that info you just wrote down, specifically:

So just reply back to me with which prize you want and I will hook you up.

Congratulations again!

I will be announcing the good news on this weekend’s podcast episode.

Harris : )

Interested in becoming a podcast supporter and entering this Giveaway?

Just go here to join up:


***Prior Winners***

Winner of the most recent Giveaway:

    • Melina (chose 8-Hour Nature/Background sounds)

Prior winners of a Sleep Whispers T-Shirt (Prize link)

    • Winner #5: Stephanie
    • Winner #4: Jenni
    • Winner #3: Sylvain
    • Winner #2: Christopher
    • Winner #1: Joanne
      *PHOTOS Link*: photos from  some winners

Prior winners of 8-Hour Nature/Background Sounds (Prize link)

    • Winner#1: Melina

Prior winners of a Vermont Teddy Bear:

    • Winner #2: Palironsat (chose “Golden Bear”)
    • Winner #1: Jaalicious (chose “Panda Bear”)

Prior winner of Bedphones:

    • Winner #1: Kathy