Is there a Giveaway right now?

No, sorry : ( 

The info below is just the template for the next Giveaway.  Stay tuned!


You may enter between now and x.

The Giveaway is open for about x weeks total and there is 1 prize for 1 winner.

What is the prize package?

TBD ($x value).
Description of x.
See the x here: [link to product website]

How will the winner be selected?

The winner will be randomly selected from those who complete the Giveaway entry form.

How do I enter the Giveaway?

All you need to do is peek at my Silk Member webpage and then click the link to the Giveaway entry form.  No purchase is necessary!

Here are the exact steps.

Step 1.  Go to my Silk Member webpage

Step 2.  Peek at the benefits for new Silk Members which include 400+ episodes of Sleep Whispers, Calm History, Nature Sounds, Background Sounds, ASMR Sleep Station, and the History of ASMR (no purchase is necessary, jump right to the next step!).

Step 3.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the webpage.

Step 4.  Click “Enter The Giveaway” and complete the entry form by the date mentioned above.

Again, No purchase is necessary.  Thank you for peeking at my new Silk Member webpage  : )

What are the odds of winning?

I won’t know until the Giveaway ends of course, but I can guesstimate.

Based on prior recent Giveaways like this, I would guess that this Giveaway may have about 100 entries, resulting in hypothetical odds of 1 in 100 of winning.

Yes, those are some dang good odds for getting something free!

How will the winner be notified?

If you win, you will receive a congratulations email sent to the email address you entered into the Giveaway entry form (winners can expect an email within about 48 hours after the end of the Giveaway).

Once you respond to your congratulatory email, I will connect you with a Company rep who will hook you up with your prize.  There will not be any additional costs to you to receive your prize (eg, no shipping costs).

Ready to peek at my Silk Member webpage and enter this Giveaway?

Just go to my Silk Member webpage and then scroll to the bottom to access the link to the entry form.

Easy-peasy boom boom boom.

Thanks for peeking at my Silk Member webpage!


***Winners of Prior Giveaways***

Prior winners of Pillow-Friendly Headphones:

Prior winners of a Sleep Whispers T-Shirt

Prior winners of prizes from ‘You Are What You Sleep‘:

Prior winners of 8-Hour Nature/Background Sounds:

Prior winners of a Vermont Teddy Bear:

    • Winner #2: Palironsat (chose “Golden Bear”)
    • Winner #1: Jaalicious (chose “Panda Bear”)