Is there a Giveaway right now?

Yes, you may enter between now and Jan 15, 2021.

The Giveaway is open for about 6 weeks total and there will be 5 prizes and 5 winners.

What are the prizes?

[1] Sleep Whispers T-Shirt  
See all the T-Shirt options here:
See prior T-Shirt winners here:

[1] Free access to 80+ episodes of Nature/Background Sounds.
These podcast episodes are 1 hour and 8 hours long – great for sleeping.
See them here:

[1] The Newest Wireless SleepPhones ($100 value).
Bed-friendly and cord-free Bluetooth headphones with a better battery.
See the new $100 Wireless SleepPhones here:

[2] Merino 3-layer Sleep Masks ($45 value each)
Superfine fiber masks that are extra light and breathable.
See the Merino Sleep Masks here:

How will the winners and prizes be selected?

Each winner will be randomly selected.

The Giveaway entry form allows you to specify your first and second preferred prize.  Each winner will get their first or second preferred prize if it is still available, otherwise, prizes will be randomly awarded.

How do I enter the Giveaway?

Step 1.  Scroll to the bottom of the Sleepy Squirrel Discount Gift Shop

Step 2.  Click “Enter The Giveaway” and complete the entry form by Jan 15, 2021.

No Purchase Necessary  : )

What are the odds of winning?

No idea.  I’ve never done a Giveaway like this so I’m unsure of a ballpark response rate.

How will the winner be notified?

If you win, you will receive a congratulations email sent to the email address you entered into the Giveaway entry form (winners can expect an email between Jan 15-16, 2021).

Your first name (or a fake name if you prefer) will be announced on the next Chat episode (release date should be Jan 17, 2021).

Your congratulatory email will indicate which prize you’ve won and how to claim it.  There will not be any additional costs to you for you to receive your prize (like shipping).

Interested in peeking at the Sleepy Squirrel Gift Shop and entering this Giveaway?

Just go here and scroll to the bottom to access the entry form: The Sleepy Squirrel Gift Shop


***Prior Winners***

Winner of the prior Giveaway:

    • Becky – Chose Wireless SleepPhones

Prior winners of a Sleep Whispers T-Shirt (Prize link)

    • Winner #5: Stephanie
    • Winner #4: Jenni
    • Winner #3: Sylvain
    • Winner #2: Christopher
    • Winner #1: Joanne
      *PHOTOS Link*: photos from  some winners

Prior winners of 8-Hour Nature/Background Sounds (Prize link)

    • Winner#1: Melina

Prior winners of a Vermont Teddy Bear:

    • Winner #2: Palironsat (chose “Golden Bear”)
    • Winner #1: Jaalicious (chose “Panda Bear”)

Prior winners of Bedphones:

    • Winner #1: Kathy