Bonus 58: 2-Hour Big Batch of History Whisperpedias (Ancient Olympics, Thanksgiving, Easter Island, Miracle on Ice)

Enjoy 2 hours of Whisperpedias about history!

I took 4 prior Whisperpedias, removed their intro music and spoken introductions, deleted any ads or commercials, normalized their volumes, and pasted them together.

So each section begins immediately with historical nuggets from Wikipedia to give you a 100% pure and extended Whisperpedia experience.

Start times so you can jump to a specific spot:

Start: 0h:0m:0s – Ancient Olympics
Start: 0h:20m:20s – History of Thanksgiving
Start: 0h:55m:05s – History of Easter Island
Start: 1h:33m:20s – The Historical Miracle on Ice

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