Bonus 52: Pure Ocean Sounds

This is a 1 hour 17 minute  recording of just ocean sounds (no whispering).    I recorded this on the same day and at the same beach as “Bonus 51: Busy Beach – vacation rambles.”

I knew that during the recording of my whispers on the beach that I was too far from the ocean for the ocean sounds to be clearly recorded.

So l waited for later in the day for the tide to come in and then I recorded just the sounds of the ocean.  There were still some adults and kids squawking, talking, and yelling – but I edited all that out so you can have a calm and pure ocean sound  experience.

I hope you enjoy this, Harris : )

P.S. Here are more 1 Hour (and 8 Hour) nature sounds that I have recorded, and they sound even better because I used much higher quality microphones:

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