Bonus 51: Busy Beach – vacation rambles

My first beach whispering on a busy beach.  You will hear my whispering, ocean sounds, and beach sounds.

My whispering: I recorded this while I was on vacation last week so I am mostly whispering about my vacation travels and activities during that week.    Mundane stuff that you can try to visualize and fall asleep to.

Ocean sounds: I was far from the water so it sounds mostly likely white noise.  You won’t hear distinct waves or surf but you will hear the gentle wind around me.

Beach sounds: I recorded this with two microphones, so these sounds should be in stereo and sound 3-D (best heard with headphones).  My favorite background sounds in this recording are the children yelling and playing – made me smile when I listened to it during editing.  You will also hear adults talking on cell phones, adults talking to each other, the tok-tok-tok sounds of beach paddle ball, feet running or walking in the sand around me,   several airplanes flying overhead, and near the end someone starts playing music in the distance.

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