Bonus 34: Outdoor microphone testing 2

Another outdoor test with a bunch of microphones.  My prior test was with microphones I already owned.  This test is with 3 new microphones I recently purchased (except the first one).

The first microphone is the one I have used for most of my prior outdoor recordings.  It has great audio quality, but it picks up a lot of distant sounds because it is omnidirectional.  You can compare the 3 new microphones with this microphone.

All of the new microphones I purchased are cardioid (unidirectional), so they should pick up less distant sounds, although… small cardioid mics don’t usually sound as good as small omnidirectional mics.

I don’t think any of these new mics give a good balance of audio quality and rejecting distant sounds – but, you can be the judge!

Here are the mics and time codes so you can jump back and forth to compare:

  1. Starts at 0m0s: omnidirectional (Fusion) – usual mic
  2. Starts at 9m10s: cardioid/unidirectional (Pyle) – contender 1
  3. Starts at 12m38s: cardioid/unidirectional (Mic J) – contender 2
  4. Starts at 15m31s: cardioid/unidirectional  (Maker Hart) – contender 3

You can see a photo of all the microphones here:

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