Bonus 29: Big Batch #3 – Guided Relaxations (from episodes 23, 47, 61, 89, 103, 123, 140)

Enjoy almost 2 hours of Guided Relaxations & Guided Meditations from prior Fade Out episodes.

This bonus episode begins in a similar way as the public episode “160 Batch: Guided Relaxations from episodes 23, 47, 61”, but it starts with a Tuck In and I extended it with 4 additional Guided Relaxations!

Overall, I took 7 prior Fade Out episodes with Guided Relaxations, removed their introductions, normalized their volumes, pasted them together, and added one Tuck In at the start.

I hope you enjoy this 100% pure and extended Fade Out experience.

Note: I have improved my audio quality over time, so the initial segments may not sound as good as the later segments.  Also, as appropriate, see original episode show notes for resources and credits.

Start times so you can jump to a specific segment:

  • Start: 0h:0m:0s – Tuck In
  • Start: 0h:4m:30s – 23 Fade Out – Guided Relaxation
  • Start: 0h:18m:35s – 47 Fade Out – Guided Meditation
  • Start: 0h:31m:05s – 61 Fade Out – Guided Relaxation
  • Start: 0h:40m:50s – 89 Fade Out – Thoughts Like Water
  • Start: 0h:52m:00s – 103 Fade Out – Body Scan
  • Start: 1h:14m:50s – 123 Fade Out – Sound in the Forest
  • Start: 1h:34m:10s – 140 Fade Out – Lucid Dreaming

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