Bonus 28: 2-Hour Big Batch of Story Times (L Frank Baum #1)

Enjoy almost 2 hours of Story Time episodes – you might call this a “L Frank Baum-athon”!

I took four prior Stories by L Frank Baum, removed their introductions, normalized their volumes, and pasted them together.

So each section begins immediately with the reading of a Story to give you a 100% pure and extended Story Time experience.

Start times so you can jump to a specific spot:

  • Start: 0h:0m:0s – 105 Story Time – The Box of Robbers
  • Start: 0h:29m:20s – 115 Story Time – The Glass Dog
  • Start: 0h:58m:23s – 120 Story Time – The Girl who owned a Bear
  • Start: 1h:22m:18s – 125 Story Time – The Enchanted Types

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