Bonus 27: 2-Hour Big Batch of Animal Whisperpedias (Komodo, Dodo, Turkey, Lochness)

Enjoy almost 2 hours of Whisperpedias about animals.

I took four prior Whisperpedia episodes about animals, removed their introductions, normalized their volumes, and pasted them together.

So each section begins immediately with the reading of the Wikipedia article to give you a 100% pure Whisperpedia experience.

Start times so you can jump to a specific spot:

  • 0h:0m:0s – 119 Whisperpedia – Komodo Dragon
  • 0h:26m:10s – 109 Whisperpedia – Dodo Bird
  • 0h:51m:45s – 99 Whisperpedia – Domestic Turkey
  • 1h:17m:35s – 71 Whisperpedia – Lochness Monster

Links to the articles are available in their original episodes.

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