Bonus 23: “Confession of a pack rat” – a short essay

“Confession of a pack rat” is a very short essay I wrote when I was 17 or 18 years old.

Warning: the whole recording is only about 9 minutes long, so probably not long enough to fall asleep to – you may want to queue up another episode to follow it.

2 thoughts on “Bonus 23: “Confession of a pack rat” – a short essay

  1. Hello Harris and Merry Christmas!

    Ive been following you ever since you had only 5 Patreon members. You have helped me thru many sleepless nights and as we know, “sleep is a glorious thing, beloved from pole to pole. “ Thank you for your creative way to wake up refreshed. I totally loved your secret life unveiled. Just can’t hide talent ( or success) under a bushel basket.

    Here’s a side bar to all of your L Frank Baum stories; Please listen to Aaron Mahnkes Cabinet of Curiosities podcast, The Wizards Coat. He tells a bit of trivia surrounding the Wizard of Oz. Great little story.

    Thank you again for sharing your talent. I’m happy to be your Patreon supporter.



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