165 Batch: Quotes from episodes 23, 24, 25, & 27

Enjoy a batch of Curious Quotes from episodes 23, 24, 25, and 27.  Includes the “Crazy Gum Wrapper Hoarder Story”, along with info where you can see a photo of all the wrappers.  It is totally ridiculous, I know –  I blame the squirrels.

  • Episode 23 Quote: starts at 1m:40s
  • Episode 24 Quote: starts at 12m:04s
  • Episode 25 Quote: starts at 22m:52s
  • Episode 27 Quote: starts at 34m:19s


Enjoy more Sleep Whispers:

Consider getting a Helix mattress:

Things to do if you are still sleepless and staring at the ceiling:

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  • Apple devices: Settings > General > Accessibility > Mono Audio (toggle on).
  • Android devices: Settings > Accessibility > (Hearing) > Mono Audio (toggle on)
  • Still not sure how to do this?  Search “how to turn on mono audio” for your specific device and your specific Operating System version.

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