172 Batch: Whisperpedias from episodes 25 & 46 (Goose bumps & Bubble gum)

Enjoy a batch of Whisperpedias from episodes 25 & 46.  

  • Whisperpedia about Goose bumps from episode #25 starts at 1m:40s.
  • Whisperpedia about Bubble gum from episode #46 starts at 12m:40s.

See original episodes for references and links to the resources.

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  • Relaxing Background Noises (1 hour and 8 hour episodes): floor fan, ceiling fan, small fan, white noise, brown noise, industrial hum and white noise, industrial air conditioner, dehumidifier, blow dryer, electromagnetic pulses, voices outside a factory, construction site, jets over beach, cars on a brick road, and clanky train ride.

Things to do if you are still sleepless and staring at the ceiling:

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165 Batch: Quotes from episodes 23, 24, 25, & 27

Enjoy a batch of Curious Quotes from episodes 23, 24, 25, and 27.  Includes the “Crazy Gum Wrapper Hoarder Story”, along with info where you can see a photo of all the wrappers.  It is totally ridiculous, I know –  I blame the squirrels.

  • Episode 23 Quote: starts at 1m:40s
  • Episode 24 Quote: starts at 12m:04s
  • Episode 25 Quote: starts at 22m:52s
  • Episode 27 Quote: starts at 34m:19s


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160 Batch: Guided Relaxations from episodes 23, 47, 61

Enjoy a batch of Guided Relaxations from episodes 23, 47, & 61.  You can also hear how I’ve improved the audio quality when you compare these older episodes to my newer episodes.

Special thanks to Jadeum who wrote the Guided Relaxations for episodes 47 and 61.  I incorrectly pronounce his name in episode 47 and then finally say it correctly in episode 61.  Sorry about that Jadeum.

  • Guided Relaxation from episode 23 starts at 1m:40s
  • Guided Relaxation from episode 47 starts at 15m:45s
  • Guided Relaxation from episode 61 starts at 28m:20s


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155 Batch: Chats from episodes 18 & 19

Enjoy a batch of Chats from episodes 18 and 19.

  • Chat (1m:40s): from episode 18.
  • Chat (57m:4s): from episode 19.


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150 Batch: “Yesterday” a complete play from episode 21

This is the play “Yesterday” which I originally read as a Fade Out at the end of episode #21.  I didn’t batch it together with any other clips of other plays because it is long enough to be solo.

On a side note, I have a love/hate relationship with old clips like this from prior episodes.  I hate hearing the lower audio quality, but I love hearing how I’ve improved my audio quality over time.  I guess these old clips are sort of a punch and a kiss to my ears at the same time.


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144 Batch: Curious Quotes from episodes 20 & 21 & 22

Enjoy a batch of Curious Quotes from episodes 20, 21, and 22.

  • Curious Quote (1m:40s): from episode 20.
  • Curious Quote (11m:38s): from episode 21.
  • Curious Quote (27m:25s): from episode 22.

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139 Batch: List of Chocolate Bars from episodes 17 & 80

Enjoy a batch of Fade Outs (list of chocolate bars with descriptions) from episodes 17 and 80.

  • Fade Out (1m:40s): chocolate bars that start with the letters A to E from episode 17.
  • Fade Out (17m:50s): chocolate bars that start with the letters F to H from episode 80.

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