160 Batch: Guided Relaxations from episodes 23, 47, 61

Enjoy a batch of Guided Relaxations from episodes 23, 47, & 61.  You can also hear how I’ve improved the audio quality when you compare these older episodes to my newer episodes.

Special thanks to Jadeum who wrote the Guided Relaxations for episodes 47 and 61.  I incorrectly pronounce his name in episode 47 and then finally say it correctly in episode 61.  Sorry about that Jadeum.

  • Guided Relaxation from episode 23 starts at 1m:40s
  • Guided Relaxation from episode 47 starts at 15m:45s
  • Guided Relaxation from episode 61 starts at 28m:20s


Enjoy more Sleep Whispers:

Things to do if you are still sleepless and staring at the ceiling:

Don’t want ear-to-ear audio?  Here is how to force stereo audio to mono audio on your device.

  • Apple devices: Settings > General > Accessibility > Mono Audio (toggle on).
  • Android devices: Settings > Accessibility > (Hearing) > Mono Audio (toggle on)
  • Still not sure how to do this?  Search “how to turn on mono audio” for your specific device and your specific Operating System version.

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