100 Special: 100th episode

Episode topics on my 100th episode: 

  • Celebrating my 100th episode
  • Taking a one month holiday/sabbatical
  • Feedback from mfrittzie, keila, mac, Jenn, mary caye, ale paps, horst&podcast, Emma, LemonCake, Renee
  • Listen to Nic Evennett on SoundCloud

Links for the Sleep Whispers podcast:


One thought on “100 Special: 100th episode

  1. You’re a darling. Thank you SO much, for the link, and for your very kind words. I’m so pleased you are taking a break, though you will be missed. I can just imagine hundreds of people crawling through 28 days with wide, weeping, reddened eyes, twitching occasionally and rambling incoherently, just awaiting the sound of your voice once more before sinking into a sleep coma. 😉 But you certainly deserve a break after all your hard work. I’m wishing you a wonderful Christmas, an even more wonderful new year, and I look forward to hearing your voice again next year. Love Pix

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