137 Special: Whisper session with Drew Ackerman, host of the Sleep With Me podcast.

In this Special Episode I am super pleased to share a wonderful and fun whispered discussion between me (Craig, AKA Harris) and Drew Ackerman (AKA Scooter), the host of the “Sleep With Me” podcast.

This episode is only half of our full discussion (the whispered half), you can listen to the full 90 minute recording (half whispering and half normal voices) as a Bonus Episode on the Bonus Podcast.

Subscribe to Drew’s “Sleep With Me” Podcast and check out his Website.

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100 Special: 100th episode

Episode topics on my 100th episode: 

  • Celebrating my 100th episode
  • Taking a one month holiday/sabbatical
  • Feedback from mfrittzie, keila, mac, Jenn, mary caye, ale paps, horst&podcast, Emma, LemonCake, Renee
  • Listen to Nic Evennett on SoundCloud

Links for the Sleep Whispers podcast:

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084 Special: Podcast Change and 2 New Podcasts

A special episode to let you know about a change to the podcast (some older episodes are not shown anymore) and the creation of 2 new podcasts.

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026 Special: Survey comments

This is a special episode of the remaining comments from the first podcast survey from the following listeners: Craig, Laura, Isabelle, Colorado, Marissa, Sophie, Reagan, Clodagh, Kitty kat, Stephen, and Alicia.

And you will also hear me talk about about:

  • what happened to the Canadian Special episode,
  • how to turn off autoplay in the Apple Podcast app,
  • the nerdiest bumper sticker in the world,
  • the best and worst idea for listening to audio in bed,
  • and a negative criticism of the meta chat which I agree with.

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