052 Menu: Fade Out with reading of “The Bronze Ring” (part 2)

Episode topics: 

  • Quote (4m:25s): “…fun is a different thing for different people”
  • Chat (12m:59s): upcoming episodes, first sponsor, feedback from LyaRQ, Jaa, Kathy, Harmoni, Wendolova, ALFE, Junster
  • Whispergram (51m:40s): From Jaa; To Harris, Jadeum, Sleep Whispers community
  • Fade out (56m:30s): reading part 2 of The Bronze Ring

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One thought on “052 Menu: Fade Out with reading of “The Bronze Ring” (part 2)

  1. Woo hoo! I’m a double agent now! Yeah. *contains excitement*

    Greetings Harris!

    Funny thing about the wigs. I recall a time my sisters and I took lots of funny pics of us trying several wigs in a wig shop. We are crazy like that… In craft stores walking around with over sized wine, margarita and martini glasses pretending to be tipsy, also photographed. Such memories to look back on and die laughing.

    Awesome episode, second funniest thus far. And yay 50 episodes, 2 episodes late… Lolz. Next stop 100! Okay… Well maybe not a stop.

    Double Agent Jaa~

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