Bonus Content

Welcome to the Bonus Content Info page.

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How much does the Bonus Content cost?

Nothing.  It is free.  There is a way to make a donation if you want to, but seriously, just grab it for free : )

What is the Bonus Content?

It is an opportunity for me to share free whispered content with you that will not be available in future podcast episodes.  This content may not be in the podcast because it is not popular and/or because I’ve decided not to include that type of content anymore.  Yet some of you have expressed that you really like this type of content so it will be available to you as Bonus Content.

What are current examples of the Bonus Content?

1. French poetry.  According to your survey feedback, the French reading Fade Out was one of the least popular Fade Outs, yet some of you also voted it as your favorite Fade Out.  I’ve decided not to do any more French readings for the podcast, but I did do a new French reading and posted it as Bonus Content.

2. Reading with music.  You made a suggestion to add music to some parts of the podcast.  Some of you liked the idea and some of you didn’t.  I’ve decided not to incorporate music into the podcast, but I did mix a whispered reading with some music and posted it as Bonus Content.

3. The secret recording.  I recorded a whispered reading for the second podcast episode and then decided it was not suitable for the podcast due to the mature themes in the story.  I still think some of you may enjoy it so I posted it as Bonus Content.

What if you want to sample the Bonus Content before you  download it?

No problem.  I figured out a way to create a 2 minute sample of each file so you can stream it and sample it before downloading it.  Just click the “2 minute sample” link in the description area of each Bonus Content.

How often will Bonus Content be added?

Probably not often.  The normal podcast episodes keep me pretty busy.

Where do you go to access the Bonus Content?

Click HERE