045 Menu: Fade Out with reading of a list of cakes

Episode topics: 

  • Quote (3m:8s): “…wise man does in the beginning.”
  • Chat (9m:42s): new episode type, new photos on website, survey stats, and feedback from Laura, CaraLeigh, Jaa, David, Whitney, Jadeum
  • Fade out (49m:43s): reading a list of cakes and their descriptions

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Resources for this episode: Wikipedia article, ‘List of cakes’


One thought on “045 Menu: Fade Out with reading of a list of cakes

  1. Greetings Harris,

    Two mating frogs eating slugs!! Oh David. Wah ha ha!!! It wasn’t that bad. I already thought bad things about people eating but you didn’t make it sound gross like people who smack and gobble food like mad people. The sounds were quiet and neat. So it might be that I like when frogs eat slugs… I mostly heard the whispers though. I just enjoy you even when you’re like “blank blank blank”.

    And I love the Perky Little Peanuts… I did say we went right back to sleep. So yes, you were right. The first time I died laughing, everyone came to see what was happening then we went right back to sleep. You can do an entire episode of “blah blah blah” and I’d be happy, sleep but happy….


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