043 Menu: Fade Out with perky peanuts hypno-poem

Episode topics: 

  • Quote (3m:40s): “…secret of being tiresome…”
  • Chat (11m:25s): cafe episode update, gear update, feedback from Jaa, Laura, Missy, Mike, Release The Kraken, Josiah, Phyllis, Chrissy
  • Fade out (45m:35s): Perky little peanuts hypno-poem

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2 thoughts on “043 Menu: Fade Out with perky peanuts hypno-poem

  1. Greetings Harris,

    This Fade Out…. Has to be the most funniest. I’ve been hosting my sister and her little family all week and my niece hasn’t been sleeping. So I had the great idea of letting her sleep with me while I listen to you. We got nice hot baths and settled in, she was sleep before me. Miraculous! Don’t know if it was me or you… What I do know is that when you started talking about “perky little peanuts” the whole house woke up again. I just couldn’t contain the laughter! My laugh is loud. My niece woke startled, she’s almost two. I got seriously frowned at… But we went right back to sleep. Lolz! Love.


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