Bonus 43: Guided Imagery – “The Birth of Venus” painting

A guided imagery of  “The Birth of Venus”, painted by Sandro Botticelli.   I’ll explain a brief summary of the contents in the painting and then I’ll try to  repaint a vision of it in your mind as I describe what I see.

You can view an image of the painting  in the Patreon post.

Bonus 42: Letters from College

These are some letters I wrote to my family and friends during my first year of college.    I’ll introduce each letter with the date, who the letter is written to, and summarize the general contents before I read each letter.    You will hear about my college fun times, curious incidents, study life, and work life.

Bonus 41: “Chemical XX-88” – a sci-fi story

This is a science fiction story I wrote in my first year college writing class.  We were all given one image and one quote and then had to write a story which involved both.

You can see my image on Patreon (man standing in ocean, facing shoreline, looking at factory billowing out smoke), and my quote was “no one, of course, even noticed he was missing…”

I wrote about an underwater, human-like species who is being threatened by something happening in the above-water human world.   Cue the suspenseful music : )

Bonus 40: “It’s a Long Story” – a personal essay

Enjoy a story I wrote as a first year college student, I was 17 or 18 years old at the time.   It is a strange court case that takes place in my brain and the main characters are Judge Ego, Prosecuting Attorney Id, and Defense Attorney Super Ego.    The case is about whether or not I should drink a beer.

Bonus 39: Big Batch #5 – Whisperpedias (Cashmere, Chinchillas, Deep Sea Life, & High Altitude Life)

Enjoy about 2 hours of  Animal Life and Biology from prior Whisperpedia episodes.

Overall, I took 4 prior Whisperpedia episodes related to Animal Life, removed their introductions, normalized their volumes, and pasted them together.

I hope you enjoy this 100% pure and extended Whisperpedia experience.

Note: I have improved my audio quality over time, so the initial segments may sound different than the later segments.   Also, as appropriate, see the original episode show notes for resources and credits.

Start times so you can jump to a specific spot:

  • 0h:0m:0s – 70 Whisperpedia –  Cashmere wool
  • 0h:25m:35s – 78 Whisperpedia –  Chinchillas
  • 0h:57m:30s – 87 Whisperpedia –  Deep Sea Life
  • 1h:38m:10s – 186 Whisperpedia –  High Altitude Life

Bonus 38: Windy beach 2 – talk test

My first talking attempt on a beach, and it was  the same windy day.

Note #1: This talk test is only about 8 minutes long.

Note #2: I actually didn’t record this for the podcast.  It was just going to be a talk test for myself so I could hear how the microphones worked for talking.  After I listened to it I decided to go ahead and share it with you because you might find it interesting to hear how I test my microphones.

Caution #1: This is speaking/talking, not whispering.

Caution #2: This is probably not going to be relaxing or good for falling asleep to.  There is lots of wind and I walk towards the loud ocean surf so that makes the middle part much louder than the beginning part.

Bonus 36: Windy beach 1 – whisper test

My first whisper attempt on a beach, and it happened to  be a very windy day.

Caution: This is probably not going to be relaxing or good for falling asleep to.  There is lots of wind and I walk towards the loud ocean surf so that makes the middle part much louder than the beginning part.

Bonus 35: Outdoor microphone testing 3

I wasn’t happy with any of the microphones I tested in the prior recording (Bonus 34: Outdoor microphone testing 2).

So I purchased another new microphone, and I like this one the best!  It has the best balance so far of audio quality and rejection of distant sounds.

In this recording you will hear a head-to-head test of the old microphone I used for most of my prior outdoor recordings (eg, Bonus 31: Outdoors in local Wetlands) and the new microphone.

I also posted a photo so you can see how I wore these two microphones on my head, much less silly than the Crazy Microphone Hat I used in Bonus episode #33 – but still a little silly.

You can see the photo here:

Bonus 34: Outdoor microphone testing 2

Another outdoor test with a bunch of microphones.  My prior test was with microphones I already owned.  This test is with 3 new microphones I recently purchased (except the first one).

The first microphone is the one I have used for most of my prior outdoor recordings.  It has great audio quality, but it picks up a lot of distant sounds because it is omnidirectional.  You can compare the 3 new microphones with this microphone.

All of the new microphones I purchased are cardioid (unidirectional), so they should pick up less distant sounds, although… small cardioid mics don’t usually sound as good as small omnidirectional mics.

I don’t think any of these new mics give a good balance of audio quality and rejecting distant sounds – but, you can be the judge!

Here are the mics and time codes so you can jump back and forth to compare:

  1. Starts at 0m0s: omnidirectional (Fusion) – usual mic
  2. Starts at 9m10s: cardioid/unidirectional (Pyle) – contender 1
  3. Starts at 12m38s: cardioid/unidirectional (Mic J) – contender 2
  4. Starts at 15m31s: cardioid/unidirectional  (Maker Hart) – contender 3

You can see a photo of all the microphones here: