Hello, welcome to the home of Sleep Whispers

I created this podcast in March of 2016 to help with relaxation and falling asleep because I often have trouble quieting my own mind at night.  The squirrels in my brain just won’t stop running around and it keeps me awake.

What works best for me is to listen to something I find interesting enough to keep the squirrels focused, but not too engaging or vocally strong to over-excite the squirrels.

So this whispered podcast is my attempt to create that for you.

Episode types include:

  • Whisperpedia episodes (learn while you fall asleep).
  • Story Time episodes (curious bedtime stories).
  • Trivia Time episodes (fun facts to distract you).
  • Fade Out episodes (will bore you right to sleep).
  • Acorn episodes (I share my favorite things).

I hope you enjoy it, Harris

PS  I share in episode #1 that “Harris” is my middle name and sort of my artist name for this podcast.  If you want to know my real name and more about what I do in the real world (besides this podcast), then feel free to listen to episode #132 Who is Harris?

Select  your preferred device and listen now to the latest episodes:

Some special moments for the Sleep Whispers podcast:

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for this wonderfully relaxing end to very stressful days as of late. Everything about the podcast is enjoyable. Please continue!

  2. what a great find. Congrats to myself for typing ‘sleep whispers’ into google, as I was hoping to find some fresh new asmr. man I’m smart.

    keep up the great work Harris! and thank you.

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  4. Thank you, Harris, for the bonus Big Batch of Frank Baum stories!! I can’t wait for my anxious squirrels to settle down to extended storytime this evening. I hope you are staying healthy and safe.
    Warm Regards,
    Paula, the Herder of Squirrels

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