132 Special: Who is Harris?

In this Special Episode I will be sharing some details and curious tidbits about myself that I haven’t shared before in any prior episodes.

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One thought on “132 Special: Who is Harris?

  1. This was my very 1st time to an ASMR blog. I truly enjoyed it which I found strange..but coming to realize that ASMR is so beneficial health wise. Glad I found your blog..it’s 1:30am est and I’m listening to episode 132.. I felt deeply calmed snd deeply relaxed. Im inspired and think I want to do this as well. To create relaxing ASMR’s . But I will learn from your website all the data you’ve put together is fascinating. I can see how whispering brings calm to a chaotic world. So much “static(distraction) going on around us ALL THE TIME. It was great hearing about what you do. Fascinating! And your funny too. Very entertaining. THANKYOU Glad I found your blog I’ll be sure to listen often.

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