109 Whisperpedia: Dodo bird – Biology & History

A Whisperpedia reading about the dodo, an extinct bird from the island of Mauritius. 

Here are some questions that will be addressed as I read to you about the dodo :

  • What bird is the closest living relative to the dodo?
  • How tall was the dodo?
  • Was it really unable to fly?
  • Was it really a fat and clumsy bird?
  • What is the origin of the word “dodo”
  • Why did humans hunt the dodo?
  • When did the dodo become extinct?
  • What factors contributed to their extinction?
  • What famous children’s book features a dodo bird?
  • Why are there some genes named after the dodo?
  • And I will finish by reading a short poem about the dodo.

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