104 Whisperpedia: Gene Simmons: Kiss Band & Curious Life

A Whisperpedia reading about  Gene Simmons, lead member of the band, Kiss.

Questions that will be addressed as I read to you about Gene Simmons:
• Birth name? Real name?
• Character name in the band kiss?
• What famous fashion magazine did he work for?
• His Kiss makeup was based on what comic book character?
• What was the source and significance of Kiss’ stage makeup and personas?
• When the popularity of Kiss was decreasing, what did the band do that resulted in a resurgence?
• What other famous singers has he had live-in relationships with?
• What five languages can he speak?
• How did he get banned for life from Fox News?
• What did he say to offend Terry Gross during an NPR interview?
• Why did angry hackers shut down his website, twice?

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Resource for this episode: Wikipedia article, Gene Simmons

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