089 Menu: Fade Out with the Meditation, “Thoughts like water”

Episode topics: 

  • View (4m:35s): chasing a policeman
  • Chat (10m:49s): T Shirt giveaway, New bonus café episode, Patreon updates, Podcast tips, Feedback from Ashley, Cris, Jill, Alexis, filthyrichgirl, KristaMarieD, Rebecca, Dallas, Cmoney22, Caspra, Megan, Carmen, Panix Foster, Janina, Andrew.
  • Fade out (1h:3m:0s): Guided meditation, “Thoughts like water” written by Andrea Klunder.

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One thought on “089 Menu: Fade Out with the Meditation, “Thoughts like water”

  1. I listened to episode number 2 last night. I don’t know why I didn’t start with number 1, thinking about it, but there we go. I was struck by how different you sounded, how your style had changed. And it made me realise that my favourite episodes are those where you give a little insight into your world, into your thoughts. Partly because I’m probably nosey, but also because I just love to hear how people think and view the world through every day events. I like real life, stamp-sized stories. And episode two (scruffy jeans) tied into this episode a little, and I wondered whether College Harris would have taken the tatty hat and chased a policeman… The benefits of getting older and not giving a frack. 😉


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