013 Menu: Fade Out with papaya recipes

Episode topics: 

  • Quote (3m:54s): “…it might have been”
  • Chat (29m:41s): podcast and website updates, review, survey feedback
  • Fade out (1h:7m:2s): papaya recipes

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2 thoughts on “013 Menu: Fade Out with papaya recipes

  1. Hi it’s Chantal Burke. You read my review in this episode. I want to say thank you so much for looking up Rsd CRPS. I shared the link in all my fb support groups. It’s amazing to us when someone cares enough to search and find out about Rsd. Most people just think we are making it up. If you want to see a clip of a documentary being made about it check out
    Trial by fire you will never believe how bad it’s and why your so important for helping me relax. Thank you again. Chantal

  2. Hi Harris, I often find something in each episode funny as do you.. I can tell from the little chuckle in your tone of voice but your response to the quote this week regarding your attempts to bull ride on a machine, techno tap dance and especially having a convertible car were particularly funny and made me laugh a lot. I too have always dreamed of having a convertible and I finally got one about two months ago, not by cutting the roof off of my current car though! I don’t know whether laughing is a good response to a podcast which in you are trying to help me sleep but enjoyable. I also often find I want to actively listen to the fade outs some of which I find interesting such as the papaya recipes and the Wikipedia article about coconut, more so than the plays or the catalogue selections. Overall since I started listening to you podcasts I seem to be falling asleep less than I used too but finding them more interesting, though the meta chat I find generally quite boring which is not a negative comment by the way. Harris I love your podcasts, I live in the UK so it may not be expected automatically that I would like your voice, your accent and your style but I do. You have a good tone of voice, just the right level and pace of the whisper underpinned in most podcasts by a sense of humour. Even though I’m not always falling asleep like I did at the beginning I still find them relaxing and enjoyable. This is a long comment, iabout a fairly old episode. If you decide to read it out, happy for it to be just some of it.

    Thanks so much for sleep whispers and best wishes, Wendy

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