002 Menu: Fade Out with a synopsis about remorse

Episode topics:

  • Quote: “If you’re feeling good about you, what you’re wearing outside doesn’t mean a thing.”
  • Chat: self-critique of episode 1, whispering to Siri, new feedback method
  • Sleep Tip: pay attention to what you eat and drink
  • Fade out: whisperpedia session on remorse

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2 thoughts on “002 Menu: Fade Out with a synopsis about remorse

  1. Thank you, Harris , for reading this article on remorse … Lots of good material in it. I am going to look up the article right now so that I can read it myself .
    On another note , I am wondering if you have ever explained in one of your 30 podcasts the reason you got interested in helping others with insomnia . ( if you have , I haven’t heard it ) Could you point me to the podcast # if you have spoken about this? I am always curious what motivates people . I have been helped greatly by your method of whispering . Thank you !! Insomnia is painful . Kathy

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