026 Special: Survey comments

This is a special episode of the remaining comments from the first podcast survey from the following listeners: Craig, Laura, Isabelle, Colorado, Marissa, Sophie, Reagan, Clodagh, Kitty kat, Stephen, and Alicia.

And you will also hear me talk about about:

  • what happened to the Canadian Special episode,
  • how to turn off autoplay in the Apple Podcast app,
  • the nerdiest bumper sticker in the world,
  • the best and worst idea for listening to audio in bed,
  • and a negative criticism of the meta chat which I agree with.

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010 Menu: Fade Out with the “Venus and Adonis” poem

Episode topics: 

  • Quote: “…to the progress and good of humanity.”
  • Chat: listener feedback, podcast changes
  • Fade out: Venus and Adonis poem by William Shakespeare

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