106 Chat: Updates & Feedback

In this Chat Episode I will be talking about a T Shirt giveaway, weighted blankets, and feedback from listeners.

Sponsor for this episode: Gravity Blankets: https://gravityblankets.com/  (weighted blankets for sleep and stress reduction)

Click the links to:

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054 Browsing: Vermont Teddy Bear (includes a giveaway!)

Enjoy a soothing browsing of the Vermont Teddy Bear website.

Follow along with me or explore on your own: http://www.vermontteddybear.com/

Lie back and have a relaxing moment while you listen to:

  • The Contest (4m:50s): Learn about winning a free Vermont Teddy Bear.
  • The Backstory (14m:22s): Hear about the founder and company.
  • An Overview (25m:36s): Learn about their charities, how to customize a teddy bear, and the categories of teddy bears.
  • The Teddy Bears (41m:54s): A relaxing browsing of their huge selection of soft and cuddly teddy bears.

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