143 Chat: Updates & Feedback

In this Chat Episode I will be talking about my appearance on a TV show and a podcast, Drew Ackerman’s favorite musical, podcast gear updates, answering listener questions, and sharing listener feedback.


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Bonus 17: Talking and Whispering with the host of the “Sleep With Me” podcast

Warning: This episode begins with whispering, then changes to normal talking, then to whispering, and then to talking again (see time codes below) – so be ready to change your volume at various points.

Content: A 90 minute whispered and talking discussion between Craig (AKA Harris) and Drew Ackerman (AKA Scooter), the host of the “Sleep With Me” podcast.

Subscribe to Drew’s “Sleep With Me” Podcast and check out his Website.

Here are Time Codes if you want to jump to specific parts:

  • 0m:00s – Craig/Harris whispering the intro to the bonus episode.
  • 4m:15s – Craig/Harris and Drew/Scooter talking.
  • 12m:24s – Craig/Harris and Drew/Scooter whispering (same as in Episode 137).
  • 53m:35s – Craig/Harris and Drew/Scooter talking.
  • 92m:07s – End of recording.

137 Special: Whisper session with Drew Ackerman, host of the Sleep With Me podcast.

In this Special Episode I am super pleased to share a wonderful and fun whispered discussion between me (Craig, AKA Harris) and Drew Ackerman (AKA Scooter), the host of the “Sleep With Me” podcast.

This episode is only half of our full discussion (the whispered half), you can listen to the full 90 minute recording (half whispering and half normal voices) as a Bonus Episode on the Bonus Podcast.

Subscribe to Drew’s “Sleep With Me” Podcast and check out his Website.

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