107 Batch: Whisperpedias from episodes 11 & 16 (Coconut milk & Chocolate bars)

Enjoy a batch of Whisperpedias from episodes 11 and 16, which were about Coconut Milk and Chocolate Bars.

  • Whisperpedia (2m:25s): from episode 11 (Coconut milk).
  • Whisperpedia (23m:45s): from episode 16 (Chocolate bars).

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Bonus 16: Layered mix of Coconut Milk and Chocolate Bar readings

42 minute layered mix of the whispered reading about Coconut Milk and the whispered reading about Chocolate Bars.

This was originally shared on the podcast as two separate Whisperpedia readings.  For this bonus episode, I took each of those recordings and repeated them so they were longer and then stagger-layered the two tracks so they play at the same time.

Bonus 3: Whisperpedia – Coconut Milk (multi-layered hypnotic remix)

60 minute multi-track whispered reading about Coconut Milk.

This was originally shared on the podcast as a 20 minute, single track recording.  For this bonus episode, I took that recording and repeated it out to 60 minutes and then stagger-layered it several times.

011 Menu: Fade Out with reading about coconut milk

Episode topics: 

  • Info: no episode next week
  • Quote: “…better to remain silent…”
  • Chat: headphones, listener feedback
  • Fade out: Whisperpedia about coconut milk

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