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085 Menu: Fade Out with The Palace of Humbug poem

Episode topics: 

  • View (3m:9s): photo of me dressed as Santa Claus banging on a trash can.
  • Chat (13m:2s): Patreon updates, Gear updates, Feedback from Monet, Ruth, Alexis, Nicholas, Monica, Kathy, Mary Caye, Kyle, Areje, Bob, Yvonne, Monica, Dalton, Jakob, and Elizabeth.
  • Fade out (1h:6m:21s): Reading the poem, The Palace of Humbug.

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Bonus: Whisperpedia – Computer Keyboards (with keyboard sounds)

Whispered reading about computer keyboards while also typing on a computer keyboard.  So meta.  The recording has a 4 minute intro and then a 16 minute reading, but then I duplicated the 16 minute reading portion (so it repeats) to result in 37 minutes total.

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