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100 Special: 100th episode

Episode topics on my 100th episode: 

  • Celebrating my 100th episode
  • Taking a one month holiday/sabbatical
  • Feedback from mfrittzie, keila, mac, Jenn, mary caye, ale paps, horst&podcast, Emma, LemonCake, Renee
  • Listen to Nic Evennett on SoundCloud

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099 Whisperpedia: Domestic Turkeys – History & Behaviors

A Whisperpedia reading about domestic turkeys.  Includes their history, behaviors, commercial raising, welfare concerns, and products.

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098 Batch: Meta Chats from episodes 14 & 15

Enjoy a batch of Meta Chats from episodes 14 and 15.

  • Meta Chat (1m:39s): from episode 14.
  • Meta Chat (38m:23s): from episode 15.

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097 Menu: Fade Out with Supreme Court Case – Sandoz vs Amgen

Episode topics: 

  • View (2m:55s): a funny moment with the band Maroon5.
  • Chat (13m:45s): New bonus episode, Patreon updates, T Shirt giveaway update, and Feedback from Christopher, Joanne, Jaa, Sylvain, Dallas, zoarialbutton50, miniredhawk, Tamara, and Michelle.
  • Fade out (36m:10s): transcript reading a supreme court case.

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096 Whisperpedia: Hypnos, God of Sleep – Mythology & Greek Literature

A Whisperpedia reading about  Hypnos, the God of Sleep.  You will learn about several other Gods and Goddesses including Nyx, Erebus, Zeus, Hera, Morpheus, and more.

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