Sleep With Silk Bundle

***The Sleep With Silk Bundle***

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***Extended Episodes***

About these extended episodes:

  • 1-Hour and 8-Hour versions of each relaxing sound
  • 1-Hour versions for falling asleep
  • 8-Hour versions for all-night comfort
  • If online, then stream and listen
  • If offline, then download and listen
  • No intro music
  • No spoken introduction
  • No ads or commercials
  • Just pure relaxing sounds

***Extended Nature Sounds***

1-Hour Nature Sounds (26 episodes)
8-Hour Nature Sounds (26 episodes)

Episodes include:

Stream over rocks, cat cleaning itself, hiking a gravel trail, birds cawing, rain dripping and birds singing, ocean surf at a jetty, a small waterfall, birds at a seashore, cat purring, trickling stream, ocean surf, hypnotic echoes of water drips, a small pond at night, rain on an umbrella, backyard fire pit, Lake Ontario at night, birds in dense trees, stormy day at the beach, starry night with crickets, rain downpour with thunder, wind around house, birds on a windy beach, rushing stream, and howling wind with drizzling rain.

***Extended Background Sounds***

1-Hour Background Sounds (15 episodes)
8-Hour Background Sounds (15 episodes)

Episodes include:

Floor fan, ceiling fan, small fan, white noise, brown noise, industrial hum and white noise, industrial air conditioner, dehumidifier, blow dryer, electromagnetic pulses, voices outside a factory, construction site, jets over a beach, cars on a brick road, and clanky train ride.


“Thank you so very much for these longer pods! No need to restart 3-4 times a night! I couldn’t be more happy! Continued success to you!” – Matthew F.

“I have to say, I LOVE them!! They’ve helped me fall asleep, and stay asleep. Thank you!” – Tiffany M.

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