Podcast Access

Here is how to access your new private podcasts


***Step 1***

As soon as you complete your purchase, a view similar to this will open in your browser.
You will see Podcast Apps that are compatible with your device.
<Tap the down arrow above the Podcast Apps, select one of your new podcasts, and then tap the Podcast App you want to use>


***Step 2***

Your selected Podcast App will automatically open.
Your new podcast may be automatically added with your other podcasts in your app.
Or, you may see a pop-up similar to this one with your special podcast URL inserted into the text field.
<If you see the pop-up, then tap “Subscribe”>


***Step 3***

To add another podcast from your bundle, return to the same browser window and repeat steps #1 and #2.

To access that same browser window anytime, tap the “View Podcasts” link  (see image) that is in your receipt email.


***Questions you may have***

What important information is in my receipt email?

Do open, read, and save that email.  It contains your receipt, your link to your new podcasts, your link to the Behind-The-Scenes videos, and a link to this instruction page.

How do I find my new podcasts in my Podcast App?

You can find them wherever your other podcasts are in that same app.

For Apple Podcasts, you can find your new podcasts by going to: “Library” > “Shows”

How do I load other episodes from the same new podcast?

You may notice that your new podcast only has one episode.  This episode was auto-loaded for you when you added the podcast to your podcast player.  To access all the other episodes, look for a link in your podcast app to “All Episodes”, “All”, or something similar.

For Apple Podcasts, you can find all the episodes to one of your new podcasts by going to: “Library” > “Shows” > Tap on new podcast > “See All Episodes”

What Podcast Apps will I be able to select and use from my browser window?

If using an Apple iPhone/iPad, then you will see the following options:

Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Castro, Downcast.

If using an Android device, then you will see the following options:

Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, & other options

If using a Computer/Laptop, then you will see the following options:

Google Podcasts, iTunes

What additional Podcast Apps will work with my new private podcasts?

In addition to the Podcast Apps mentioned above, the Podcast Apps below will also work.

Additional Podcast Apps that can be used on Apple iPhone/iPad:

RadioPublic, PodCruncher

Additional Podcast Apps that can be used on Android Devices:

RadioPublic, Podcast Republic, Podcast Addict, BeyondPod, Doggcatcher, Player FM, Podkicker, AntennaPod, and Simple Podcatcher.

The downside of using one of these additional Podcast Apps is that these apps will not appear in your browser window.  You will need to download them to your device, copy your special private podcast url from the browser window, open the app, and find where in the app to paste (or type) the url (look for “add rss url”, “add podcast manually”, or something similar).

Which Podcast Apps won’t work with my new private podcasts?

Although this may change in the near future, the following Podcast Apps don’t currently allow private podcasts: Spotify, Google Music, Stitcher, Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeart.  Podbean and Castbox are not suggested because they may not work properly with private podcasts.