Is there a Giveaway right now?

**UPDATE: the Giveaway described below recently ended, stay tuned for the next Giveaway**

Yes, I’m calling it the Nov-Dec Giveaway!  How creative…[eyeroll].

You may enter between now and  Dec 30, 2021.

The Giveaway is open for about 8 weeks total and there will be TWO winners.

What are the prizes?

2 SleepPhones Classic headsets (1 per winner)
Enjoy flat speakers built into a soft headband.
These are the ideal pillow-friendly headphones.
See the SleepPhones Classic here:

How do I enter the Giveaway?

Anyone who becomes a new podcast supporter between Nov 5, 2021 and Dec 30, 2021 will be automatically entered into the Giveaway.

All podcast supporters get immediate access to over 400+ sleep-inducing podcast episodes (entry into the Giveaway is just an extra treat).

Become a Podcast Supporter here:

What are the odds of winning?

This is unknown, but it can be ‘guesstimated’.

There are about 20 new podcast supporters every eight weeks.

So, if there will be a similar number of new podcast supporters during this eight-week Giveaway period, then your odds would be about 1 in 20.

But there are TWO winners in this Giveaway, so that doubles your potential odds of winning to 1 in 10.

How are the winners selected and the prizes assigned?

Each winner will be randomly selected from all eligible participants to receive one of the prizes.

How will the winner be notified?

If you win, you will receive a congratulations email sent to the email address you entered when you became a podcast supporter (winners can expect an email around Dec 31, 2021) and your first name will be announced on the next podcast episode after the Giveaway ends (around Jan 2, 2022).

There will not be any additional costs to you for you to receive your prize (eg, shipping).

Interested in becoming a podcast supporter and entering this Giveaway?

Just go here to get access to 400+ episodes and be automatically entered into this Giveaway:


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