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Here are some topics you may want to share your thoughts about:

  • The website having this forum page
  • Listeners submitting quotes and/or photos to the website.
  • Sleep Whispers having a YouTube channel.
  • Adding chimes/tones/music to the whole podcast or to parts of the podcast.
  • Adding time codes to the show notes for each podcast episode.
  • Adding positive affirmations to the Tuck-in.
  • Your favorite fade outs or ideas for future fade outs.
  • Or whatever is on your mind : )

One thought on “Forum

  1. I think adding chimes / tunes to the podcast remains to be an interesting point. Frankly I can see both sides of the argument. A listener pointed out (ep12) that a sudden chime could disrupt their falling-asleep by reactivating their brain.
    On the other side I find the intro chime to be very comforting because it reminds my brain that the following 60 minutes will be me slowly drifting off. I associate the intro with good times.
    So my suggestion is: maybe add 1 more “set” chime / tune to a certain point of the podcast, or give every part it’s own (either intro or background) chime.
    For example: the tuck-in has its own set little music (through-out the entire part) and the meta chat has its own tune (just an intro because it’s quite a lengthy part of the podcast). Something in that direction!

    … If all else fails you could always make a remix of the “clock clock” sound you made in episode 12 and put that in :P.

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