166 Fade Out: Soothing words with the letter “t”

Are you ready to be Tucked in and Faded out?

Tuck In: The episode begins with my usual ear-to-ear guided relaxation to tuck you in and get you ready to Fade Out.

Fade Out: The episode continues with an ear-to-ear reading of a list of ASMR trigger words which contain the letter “t” 2 or more times. For example, “meditate”, “aptitude”, and “habitat.”


Enjoy more Sleep Whispers:

Consider getting a Helix mattress:

Things to do if you are still sleepless and staring at the ceiling:

Don’t want ear-to-ear audio?  Here is how to force stereo audio to mono audio on your device.

  • Apple devices: Settings > General > Accessibility > Mono Audio (toggle on).
  • Android devices: Settings > Accessibility > (Hearing) > Mono Audio (toggle on)
  • Still not sure how to do this?  Search “how to turn on mono audio” for your specific device and your specific Operating System version.

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