081 Batch: Curious Quotes from episodes 10,11,12

Enjoy a batch of Curious Quotes from episodes 10, 11, and 12.

  • Quote (1m:40s): from episode 10.
  • Quote (14m:12s): from episode 11.
  • Quote (24m:26s): from episode 12.

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080 Menu: Fade Out with descriptions of chocolate bars (part 2)

Episode topics: 

  • View (3m:32s): Scottish Highlander photo and bonus stories from visiting my father.
  • Chat (26m:57s): Patreon updates, Giveaway winners, Gear update, and Feedback from Alex, Courtney, mfrittzie, Rafkarina, Mary, Monica, ALFE, JJ, Kevin, Margo From London, Sapnis, and Alisha.
  • Fade out (1h:0m:28s): Descriptions of Chocolate Bars (part 2).

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077 Stitch: The Bronze Ring (full story)

Enjoy the full story of The Bronze Ring stitched together from episodes 31, 52, and 59.  You may notice how my audio quality has improved over time.

  • Part 1 (6m:28s): from episode 31.
  • Part 2 (25m:20s): from episode 52.
  • Part 3 (40m:30s): from episode 59.

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