045 Menu: Fade Out with reading of a list of cakes

Episode topics: 

  • Quote (3m:8s): “…wise man does in the beginning.”
  • Chat (9m:42s): new episode type, new photos on website, survey stats, and feedback from Laura, CaraLeigh, Jaa, David, Whitney, Jadeum
  • Fade out (49m:43s): reading a list of cakes and their descriptions

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044 Browsing: Hershey’s chocolate website

Enjoy a soothing browsing of  the Hershey’s Chocolate website.

Lie back, relax and hear all about the many different and delicious Hershey’s chocolate bars, chocolate kisses, chocolate snacks, chocolate syrups, and baking ingredients.

Follow along with me or explore on your own: www.hersheys.com

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